Our wines

We offer you a wide selection of wines, in which we captured the sun-kissed marly hills of Brda and its strong, light, and fresh character. Choose your favourite wine and become a part of our story.

First line


If healthy eating is important to you, you will appreciate the contemporary style of our Quercus wines. Characterized by their intense fruity aroma, they boast a full and fresh taste, in which you can note the Brda soil. The wines mature in stainless steel, which gives them a distinct varietal character.

Gastronomy line


The wines from the Krasno line highlight the characteristics of our extraordinary winegrowing region. Fresh and fruity, they pair well with different dishes and can be found on the shelves of the finest restaurants. This line pays tribute to the village of Krasno, situated on higher grounds, where vineyards planted on steep slopes produce superb wines.

Premium line

Bagueri Superior

Our premium line of wines is named after Count Silverio de Baguer, the last owner of the Dobrovo castle and a great producer and connoisseur of wines. Matured in oak barrels, the Bagueri Superior wines are extremely rich and evoke the specific character of the individual vintage and terroir as well as the personal note of the oenologist. The full flavour of these wines reflects the mineral Brda soil and the Mediterranean sun, while their fresh aromas are reminiscent of the nearby Alpes and the Adriatic Sea.


Basic quality wines

Our entry level quality wines will bring the typical Brda liveliness to your everyday meals. With its contemporary character, they are perfect for those who want to make even ordinary days feel special. Whether at casual parties with friends or at quiet dinners, they are best when enjoyed in good company.


Fritz, Slovenia’s first aperitif

Enjoy the simple and spontaneous moments in life. Have a glass of our carefully formulated Fritzz aperitif and relax with your friends after a busy day.


Special wines

For special occasions. Enjoy in the sweetness of our dessert wines Markiz, Pikolit, and Verduc as well as in other specialties from our winery.


Basic supermarket wines

The multifaceted Brda hills are home to kind people and quality wines, among which you will also find our litre wines, which boast with a long tradition and are sure to satisfy different tastes.


A plus

Representing the absolute best of the Brda hills, the white and red A Plus wines are produced only in the finest vintages and in limited editions with numbered bottles. Their elegance reflects the nuanced ripening of grapes on extraordinary sites, the careful maturation in barriques of the highest quality, and the personal note of our leading oenologist. Masterfully made, they highlight the characteristics of individual vintages and sites.


De Baguer

The De Baguer wines boast an elegant character with soft, full, and aromatic taste, obtained by skilfully combining selected varieties from the best sites. Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot Cabernet Franc do not have the typical opulence of high-end wines. They are not appreciated for their strong bodies, but rather for their distinct varietal aroma and minerality, which perfectly evoke the Brda land.