Sustainable production

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At Klet Brda, we believe that the production of great wines starts with our respect for the land, community, and future generations. We are committed to produce our wines according to practices that are responsible to nature and our winegrowers, while at the same time contribute to our long-term economic success.

In some wine-growing countries, sustainable production is regulated at a national level. Winegrowers there are provided with written rules to apply for a sustainable production certificate. Seeing that Slovenia has no such unified system, we took the initiative to prepare the sustainable production rules for our members.

The bee sign on the back label of our premium wines symbolises our commitment to sustainable production. The presence of bees in our vineyards is invaluable, as it reflects ecological balance and biodiversity. Furthermore, bees play a key role in pollination – the most important ecosystem function, without which cultivation of food would be impossible.

Preserving nature

There are no vineyards without nature, and no future without vineyards. By cultivating the land in a professional and responsible manner, our winegrowing families have reached a sustainable harmony with nature and ensured their stable future.

Our vineyards are under a careful supervision of two agronomists, who advise our winegrowing families on the best sustainable production practices. We pay special attention to the preparation of the land and the selection of suitable varieties for individual locations to minimise the need for vine protection treatments. Striving to preserve species diversity, we provide shelter for wild animals, birds, and insects by implementing permanent greening and maintaining the hedges between vineyards.

Building a community

Our winery unites 400 local winegrowing families. By following sustainable production principles, we ensure their social and economic stability. To guarantee their prosperity and long-term growth of their farms, we need to be profitable, well organised, and rational. With successful marketing of our wines, we wish to contribute to the prosperity of everyone within the cooperative.

Ensuring growth

In Brda, viticulture is preserved in all its authenticity: vineyards are scattered among fruit trees, olive plantations, and forests. Our winegrowers maintain the landscape and cultivate it in traditional terraces, keeping it diverse, kind to locals, and more attractive for tourists, thus contributing to job creation and the development of the whole region.

Green key
Klet Brda is the first winery in the world to receive the international Green Key. Awarded to us in 2019, this certificate allowed us to take part in the national programme and certification system Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism and become the first recipient of the Slovenia Green Attraction certificate. The Green Key is the leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. This prestigious eco certificate represents our commitment to comply at our certified premises with the strict standards of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). The Green Key stands for an establishment’s promise to its guests that by opting to stay with such an establishment, they are helping to make a difference on an environmental and sustainability level. The high environmental standards expected of these establishments are maintained through rigorous documentation and frequent audits. At Klet Brda we are strongly connected with our local environment, therefore we strive to support it and include it in many of our activities. In our wine shops, we sell locally produced products, such as honey, jams, and olive oil. Furthermore, we support local providers by using their products as gifts for our business partners. As holders of the Green Key certificate, we are responsible in our use of natural resources and pay special care to the community in which we live and work:
  • We adhere to strict waste separation regulations.
  • We use only energy-efficient light bulbs.
  • We are mindful of turning off all electronic devices after we leave.
  • We monitor and limit water consumption.
  • We offer our guests tap water to limit the use of plastic water bottles.
  • We monitor and limit electricity consumption.
  • We only print documents when absolutely necessary.
  • We serve mainly local products at our wine tastings and tours.
  • We use organically produced detergents and soaps.
  • We use recycled paper in our toilet facilities and biodegradable cutlery at our events.
  • We actively participate in our local community and support local initiatives and associations.